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Jet Engine Parts

Union Machine manufactures a wide range of static and rotating engine assemblies and components for commercial and military markets worldwide.

Aircraft Hardware
Available products also include a variety of aircraft hardware items for new and mature models.

Comprehensive Catalog
Browse our Parts Catalog Catalog with over 6,000 manufacturing-capable parts and rapid-ship inventory with more than 1400 additional part numbers.

Union Machine Parts Catalog

Responsive Global Supplier
Union Machine is a contractor for the United States government and also supplies engine makers and other commercial aerospace customers around the globe.

Parts Image Gallery


GE TF-39 - Image Courtesy General Electric

Union Machine manufactures new and replacement parts supporting a diverse range of engines and builders and owners including...

General Electric
   - J-85
   - TF-34
   - T-58
   - T-64
   - T-700
   - F-404
   - F-101
   - F-110
   - TF-39

Pratt & Whitney
   - TF-33

   - T-56

Typical Parts
   - Bell Cranks
   - Covers
   - Ducts
   - Nozzles
   - Retainers
   - Rings
   - Seal Segments
   - "Hot" and "Cold"
   - Shrouds/Supports