Union Machine Milestones

Charles Weiler
Founder of Union Machine

A Distinguished History

For fifty years Union Machine has maintained its identity as a flexible, responsive family business adhering to the vision and philosophy of its founders: to provide personalized service, innovative solutions and reliable quality and delivery.

The dream of Union Machine was initiated by Charles Weiler and Waclaw Malhowski, both of whom worked at General Electric - Malhowski as a shop foreman and Weiler as a draftsman and inventor. Even as a fledgling "cellar shop" the hard working founders were dedicated to precision and quality…and their customers took notice.

Charlie and Waclaw sense opportunity in the emerging electronics industry and purchase Union Research Laboratory in Lynn, Massachusetts. By using their ingenuity to design, build and modify machinery to meet specialized electronics industry demands the company rapidly secures a foothold in the burgeoning electronics segment.

Wes Harper, Charlie's son-in-law (and also a GE "alum") joins the company as a part time jig and fixture maker. Wes' passion for quality and education is reflected on his emphasis on training and team approach to production improvements.

Founder Charlie Weiler passes away. Wes assumes leadership and acquires Waclaw's interest. The company continues to flourish as Wes works to solidify its position in aerospace. The company is renamed Union Machine Co. While Wes runs operations and sales, Louise, Wes' wife, manages the office side of the business.

Solidifying Union's family orientation, Wes brings his oldest son Eric on board. For five years Eric learns to master the business at night and pursues an education days… interrupted by a stint with the military during Vietnam.

Eric takes the reigns as Wes's health fails, building on the legacy of innovation, quality and consultative management established by his father and grandfather.

To meet demand, Union moves to larger facilities and acquires it's first numerical control machining capabilities, CAD/CAM engineering and computerized financial systems. The company also re-asserts its aggressive innovation by stepping up automated quality and manufacturing systems and integrating computerized statistical process controls…years ahead of competitors.


To accommodate steady growth, facilities expand again and plans are made for a custom designed building.

Union moves to an ultra-modern facility in Peabody. Production control becomes 100% automated and manufacturing is significantly enhanced by a major investment in staff and state-of-the-art equipment.

Union relocates again. This time to a highly efficient custom designed shop located in Groveland. Multiple shifts maximize utilization of the latest CNC equipment. Tools, experience and training pay off as technicians process multiple operations simultaneously.

The company is certified as an ISO 9001 supplier. Major computer system upgrades are implemented to increase efficiency and assure Y2K compliance. Additional multiple operation turning centers are installed adding significantly to capability and capacity.

Ground is broken on a major expansion to Groveland.

Union expands into its new space and adds nearly a dozen machines achieving new levels in quality, size and throughput. The company also awarded AS9100 certification.

Union named "Family Owned Small Business of the Year" by the US Small Business Administration. Award.

Union brings online 5-Axis non-conventional cutting and drilling capability, utilizing advanced Nd:YAG laser technology, optimized for critical aerospace part fabrication.

Firm’s capabilities receive both Nadcap aerospace certification from PRI (Performance Review Institute) and General Electric GT193 certification.

Company launches new Aircraft Laser Services division dedicated exclusively to support customer requirements utilizing advanced laser technology.