Brown & Sharpe Global Image 9128 State-of-the-Art Measuring Technology  

  • Fully automated, computer controlled coordinate measuring machine
  • Installed factory new 2005
  • Enclosed in environmentally controlled room
  • Measuring Range (X x Y x Z) (mm) 900 x 1200 x 800
  • Measuring Range: 36" X 48" Y 31.5" Z
  • Repeatability .00002"
  • Volumetric Accuracy .00012" over 500mm
  Global Image 9128 Accuracy with TP200 Probe:  

Measuring Range (X x Y x Z) (mm) ISO 10360-2 * MPEE (µm) ISO 10360-2 MPEP (µm) B89 (mm)
900 x 1200 x 800 1.9 + L/333 1.9 .0064

* Volumetric measuring uncertainty along any direction in space according to ISO 10360-2.
* Volumetric uncertanty is valid for the following conditions; Temp range 65-72F, Max gradients 1.8F/hr, 3.6F/day, 1.8F/meter in space surrounding the machine.
** Volumetric probing uncertainty according to ISO-10360-2.

ISO Performance Standards

Volumetric Length measuring error MPEE

A set of 5 gages has to be measured 3 times with one probing at each end, while the block is being aligned in 7 different directions in space. All measuring results must fulfil the Specification "E"

Volumetric probing Error MPEP

A Precision sphere has to be measured with 25 equally distributed probings.
P is the range of all radii (sphere form). (Rmax - Rmin = Sphere form)